“Decisions Decisions”

Vanilla sponge Close upIf you find yourself spoilt for choice on the type of filling you would like, a popular choice in most cases, is to have a different flavour for each tier.  You will need to bear in mind that your guests may try more than one flavour which means your cake may not go as far.

Although traditionally the rich fruit cake was the choice for wedding and other celebration cakes, today you can practically have any flavour you desire.  Here are some of my most popular ones.

Rich Fruit Cake

I encourage everyone to taste my fruit cake.  I find that many people say that they hate fruit cake but the reality is they have not experienced the ‘real deal’.  I happily admit I have converted a number of ‘fruit cake haters’!

The fruit is in abundance, ideally soaked in alcohol for at least 3 months.  The trouble is this succulent, plentiful cake will keep your guests coming back for more! Alcohol helps with the maturing and preserving process but your cake can be made alcohol free if required. This recipe contains nuts.

Vanilla & Raspberry Sponge

The full flavour of the organic buttered sponge is enhanced by the real vanilla beans.  This is then layered with my secret buttercream recipe which is light and creamy and twinned with locally produced raspberry conserve.  Every bite will feel like a tango on you tongue!  Other flavoured sponges and preserves are available to suit your personal taste.

St Clements Sponge

Light lemon sponge filled with the refreshing flavours of oranges & lemons.  This has proved to be one of my top sellers.


Does chocolate ever need an introduction?  Moist chocolate sponge filled with a light and fluffy chocolate ganache.  I always use the best Belgian chocolate {I never use powder} and when you taste it, you will know it!

And listen to this for a twist on chocolate:  White chocolate sponge, filled with rich chocolate ganache swirled with raspberry conserve … Heavenly!

Passion Cake

Similar to carrot cake but with hidden extras.  Passion cake has grown in popularity over the years, particularly for wedding cakes. A light, moist cake, full of flavour, textured yet smooth. AWESOME! The name says it all really.  This recipe contains nuts and spices.

No Limits

The most important thing to remember is there are generally no limits to the cake flavours out there and I am sure we can find one to suit you.  Certain designs may require a particular type of cake {mostly where tall or sculptured cakes are required} whilst other designs leave you free to have whatever flavour you desire.

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