“Where do we start?”

By browsing through the variety of images in my ‘Cake Designs’ section you will see the high quality and presentation of my work.  Any designs you see and like can then be developed at your complimentary consultation.

Asking yourself these questions will help in creating a design especially for you:

  • How many guests are we serving?
  • Do we want to preserve our top tier for a future celebration? A traditional thought for weddings
  • Do we want the cake served as dessert? See the portion guide
  • What flavours do we like?
  • What are our colour choices?
  • What are our wedding flowers and do we want the cake to reflect this?
  • In which season are we getting married in?
  • If we are having a theme to our occasion, can we reflect this in the design of our cake?

If the cake is a surprise for a special occasion, you may want to find out the persons hobbies and interests that could be incorporated into the cake.

Wedding Shows

A good place to see and taste cakes are at wedding shows.  You will find a list of shows I am attending on my ‘News and Events’ page.  I would like to give you some tips on what to ask when talking to your potential cake designer:

  •  What type of ingredients do you use? You want your cake maker to use the best ingredients for the fullest flavour
  • Do you do the baking yourself from scratch? Don’t assume that everyone that decorates also bakes
  • Do you offer a consultation and tasters? Very important!  You need to be assured that your cake will not only look amazing but taste amazing too
  • Where do you bake your cakes? Domestic kitchens are not necessarily a problem but you should be aware that sugar is very absorbent of odours and flavours.  If possible, meet with them at the place of baking
  • Do you cater for special dietary requirements?
  • Do you deliver and set up? A vital service to provide a professional finish

Be prepared with information about your requirements:

Wedding NightWhat is the occasion

Date of celebration

How many guests

Location of venue

Special dietary needs

Any cake specialist should be happy to answer your questions at length and design an individual cake especially for you.  If I am your chosen cake designer then early consultation and securing your date in my diary as soon as possible will alleviate some of the stress involved in planning your event. You can then turn your attention to the 101 other things for your event, knowing that your cake is in excellent hands!

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